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What makes Giraffe BracingTM superior to the competition?
  1. Internal zinc plated acme threaded screw is kept clean from concrete splatter.
  2. Galvanized hat channel uprights with rolled edges for strength and safety.
  3. Folding scaffolding brackets with positive lock open position.
  4. Gravity pins for all connections.
  5. 18-inch steel stakes with each Brace.
  6. Large multi connection point stamped foot for extra strength and versatility.

What sizes of bracing is available?

  1. Standard units start at 10' tall
  2. Sizes of 8' and 12' are also available
  3. Add on components of 5',and 10' allow for any wall heights from 10' to 20' tall.

Can I be a distributor?

We are currently adding distributors in both the USA and Canada.
For more details please contact us on 1-888-778-2285 or by email to

Where can I learn more about insulated concrete forms and bracing?

  • Insulated Concrete Form Association
  • Concrete Homes Magazine
  • ICF Builder Magazine
  • The best
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